Many things have been written and speculated over regarding the on-demand delivery space. There is still, however, little evidence on how it really works, whether it is possible to make money and whether or not there is light at the end of that long tunnel. Even though companies are adopting on-demand and same-day grocery delivery models and investing billions in them, there are still many questions left to answer. Unit economics seems to be the challenging topic and with the disappointing numbers from various delivery startups, companies in the sharing economy space are being scrutinised more than ever before.


End of journey for grocery delivery startup Home Run

After 4 years of hard work, close to one million groceries delivered, and a few millions of pounds in venture funding, we decided to shut down operations at Home Run. I wanted to share the story, the struggles and the learnings which would hopefully shed some light to the industry and help other founders.

Starting Home Run has been the most intense journey I’ve ever embarked on but also the best school I could have ever asked for. The relationships I developed, the experiences I was fortunate to have and the wonderful pain I felt along the way, cannot be…

Takis Malavetas

Founder | Advisor | Learner

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